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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Registering with Debbie Sheridan Casting is more than just getting your name and photo in a casting book; it is becoming part of our team. You will always be treated with utmost respect and we require the same respect from you. We have taken the time to put together our policies and procedures. Please take the time to review them.

Professionalism ON/OFF SET


spade Our commitment to you is to bring in as many films, television series, and commercials as possible.  If everyone who is registered with us checks in just once a week, we would not have time to get the work you are checking in to see if we have!  So, with all due respect, never ever call the office to check-in.  If it has been an unusually long time since last you worked, please let us know via email at


spade We do not have a ‘book out’ system at this time. There is no need to call us or email us to book out.


spade Occasionally you will be lined-up to work on a job and for some reason you are not going to be able to make it.  You need to cancel.  If you are canceling during regular business hours, call the office as soon as you know you will not be able to work.  If you need to cancel outside of business hours, call the wrangler on your job as soon as possible.

spade Occasionally you will be lined-up to work on a job and for some reason we have to take you off the job.  There are last minute changes and that is just the nature of the business.  We strive to be as fair as possible.  If we have to take you off a job, we will get you on another job as soon as possible.


spade To get call time information you will call 800-820-5305 ext.3 and listen for your project.  All of the project details will be on the recording.  Whenever possible, we will have a download able version of the map and driving directions on this website.  Please print the map whenever possible or plug in the address on to get driving directions.

spade When lined up for a job, you should ALWAYS check the information line between 6pm-8pm the night before the job unless otherwise instructed.  Always leave a confirmation after the beep.  The reason we ask you to check in no later than 8:00pm is because around 8:30pm we check to see that everyone has confirmed.  If for some reason you will not be able to check in between 6pm-8pm, please let us know.  The main goal is for us to know that you know where and when to show up for your booking.  There are occasions when we do not get the information before 6pm and there is a delay in posting the details on the information line.  Please don't panic.  We will post the details as soon as we can. Never just give up.  Unless we call and take you off a job, you are working.  Just call every half hour or so until you get the information you need.

spade Occasionally everyone will call in for the project details, confirm, and then we will get a call with a change.  ARGH.  To make our lives easier, instead of having to call EVERYONE with a change, we ask that you re-check the information line before you go to bed and/or first thing in the morning when you get up.  If there is a change, we will make a new recording.  You do not need to leave a second confirmation.


spade Always allow extra travel time when driving to set.  We live in Los Angeles.  Need I say more?

spade Arrive on set BEFORE your call time. Do not arrive on set AT your call time.  You should be parked, out of your car and checked in before your call time.  As a professional, you should NEVER BE LATE.  Having said that, if you are going to be late you must call your wrangler ASAP and inform him/her of the situation and an estimated arrival time.  As bad as it is to be late, it only makes it worse if we don’t know where you are or when to expect you.

spade Generally there will be signs directing you to talent/crew parking when you get close to set.  The signs are usually yellow with the production company name and an arrow pointing you in the right direction.  After parking, check in right away.

spade You should arrive DRESSED IN WARDROBE WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP DONE!  Please do not arrive like you just rolled out of bed.

spade When working on any alcohol commercial make sure you have an ID with your birth date.  You must be at least 25 years old to work on these spots.

spade If you are a SAG member always have your SAG card out and ready to show upon check-in.  A station 12 report will be run on every job.  You must be paid up with SAG when accepting a SAG job.  If you know you are not paid up, it is your responsibility to inform us.

spade Wardrobe should be neatly pressed and brought to set neatly packaged.  There are always racks provided by production for your garment bags.  You should always bring several options for the wardrobe department to choose from.  The more options you bring the happier the wardrobe department is to see us on the next job.


spade Though we want you to have fun and we want you to enjoy your work, never forget that this is a job.  You are essential to the making of the film or commercial.  You are an integral part of the production.  You need to always have an ear open and be prepared to be called to set.  When not on set, please stay in holding or make sure your wrangler or the AD's know where you can be found.

spade Cell Phones – NEVER use your cell phone while on set. While on set, turn off all rings and alerts.  There is PLENTY of down time to make your calls while in holding.

spade Smoking – NEVER light up while on set.  Even if you are working outside, PLEASE wait for a break and be considerate of those around you.

spade Chewing Gum – Please do not chew gum on set.  It just looks unprofessional.

spade NON-UNION – DO NOT EVER!!!! ASK FOR A SAG VOUCHER!!!!  If you want to know how to get a SAG voucher, please read the FAQ’s or get membership information at

spade Always maintain a positive attitude.  Love what you do or don’t do it.

spade Do not get into confrontations with production.  If you believe you are being mistreated, you are being asked to do something you are not comfortable with, or have any issue whatsoever with production, let the wrangler know and call the office right away.  We will take care of it on our end.

spade You have accepted a job that is open-ended.  We never know how long the day will be until it is over.  You may not leave in the middle of the work day.  You may not leave early.  Please do not accept a job if you are not available for the entire day.

spade At lunch, the crew goes through the line first.  When you are told that it is clear to go ahead and get in line, then go for it.  While in line, if you see someone from the crew get in line behind you, offer to let that person go in front of you.

spade Do not bring a camera to set.  Again, this is a job and you are a professional.

spade Do not bring valuables to set.  Though there is generally security in holding, production is not responsible for loss or theft of your personal property.


spade When you are wrapped, return any wardrobe, props, or walkies that were loaned to you.

spade Collect all of your belongings and make it your personal responsibility to clean up holding.

spade Thank everyone for a great day.


If you have a question, please take a moment to find the answer here. If you can not find what you are looking for, you may email us at

When I am called for a job, am I booked?

We will never use the word 'booked'.  When we call you for a job, you are being 'lined-up' to work.  This means that you are scheduled to work.  95% of the time that you are scheduled to work, you will.  There is that 5% of the time, however, where there will be a change and you will be taken off the job.  You are not 100% guaranteed until you are booked.

When am I booked for a job?

You are booked for a job when you are given the call-time and location.

How often can I expect to work?

We have a limited amount of registered talent to keep you from getting lost in the files.  We will make every effort to rotate our talent database so that everyone is used as often as possible.  The amount of projects we have going will determine the amount of work available and therefore, the frequency of your employment.  It is impossible to say exactly how often you will work. 

Am I guaranteed work if I am registered with DSC?

No.  Though we will make every effort to get you work, we can not make any guarantees.

How do I check-in?

We do not need you to check in with us.  If you have registered with us, you are on file.  We keep very good records and know who has worked and who hasn't worked.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE.  If you feel that it has been an unusually long time since you worked, you may send an email to  This is not intended to be used as a means for checking in.  This is to be used only when you really feel you have been overlooked.

How do I update my file?

If you are registered with DSC, you have account privileges.  You should log-in to your account and make any necessary changes online. 

How do I update my photo?

If you need a new commercial photo for the books, you can get one made at our next registration.  If you have a new photo to add to your theatrical file, please upload it directly into your profile.

Do you register children?

No.  We do not register anyone under 18 years old at this time.

Do you register Non Union?

Yes.  We are currently taking submissions for non-union talent interested in theatrical background work.  Please see our registration page.

How do I get a SAG voucher?

If you work for us as non-union and represent our office professionally, we will notice.  The most common way to get a voucher is to replace a SAG member who doesn't show up on set.  When this happens, and it does, the non-union actor who is in the right place at the right time and has proven himself/herself to be a professional will benefit.  There are other ways to become a member of SAG.  You can get information at

What is the rate for Non Union?

Since there is no union to determine a set rate, the rate of pay varies from job to job.  Generally, theatrical non-union are paid at wages set by the state.  Currently non-union is receiving $60.00/8 hours on theatrical jobs and slightly more for commercial.

Does Non Union get paid overtime?

Definitely!  After 8 hours, overtime starts at time and one half.
(At $60.00/8.  Time and a half is $11.25/hour)

What do I get paid if I work less than 8 hours?

When you are hired for a job, you are quoted a rate to walk in the door. In other words, if you are quoted $60.00/8 hours, and you are only kept for 2 hours, you still get paid the full $60.00.  (This is just a rule of thumb. There may be special conditions or circumstances associated with a particular job.  However, you will be made aware of anything out of the ordinary when being 'lined up' for work.)

What is the SAG commercial rate?

The current rate is $309.50/8 hours

What is the SAG theatrical rate?

The current rate for background talent is $126.00/8 hours;
$136.00/8 hours for special ability and $141.00/8 hours for stand-ins.

What do I do if I have to cancel?

Call the office right away.  If it is after business hours, call your wrangler.  No matter what, do not give up until you have reached someone.

What happens if I arrive to set late?

If you realize that you are going to be late to set, you must call your wrangler right away and give an ETA.  More than likely, you will still be able to work.  If you are grossly late and we replace you, you will be sent home.

What do I do if I think I should be upgraded in a commercial?

If you weren't handed a principal contract on set and feel that you were seen, you should wait until the commercial airs.  If you make the final cut and feel you meet the requirements provided by SAG to qualify for an upgrade, contact SAG with a claim. 

What do I do if I think I should be upgraded in a film or TV show?

To be upgraded on a film or TV show you have to be given a line to speak.  This is generally indisputable and you will be upgraded on the spot.  If there is ever a question, ask your wrangler first, and our office second.  Do not approach production to ask about an upgrade.


 What can I do to get more work?

If you are only registered with us commercially, you can let us know that you are willing to work theatrically.

Are there any monthly fees or registration renewals I have to pay?

No.  We only have a one time registration fee.

What does my registration fee cover?

The fee covers all expenses relating to getting you in our book. These expenses include rental of the space for registration, photographer fees, photo developing, editing and printing, and data entry.

What do I do after I register?

Make sure you have our phone number in your phone book and answer your phone when it rings. :)

Who is the Employer of Record for unemployment purposes?

 The Employer of Record is the payroll company that writes your check.

Who is the payroll company?

Payroll companies vary from job to job. 

How do I find out who the payroll company is?

The payroll company is listed about 3/4 of the way down on your contract.

When can I expect to get paid?

You should look for a check approximately 3 weeks after your work date.  The payroll company has 12 business days to get your check in the mail after the shoot is over.  By the time it arrives in your mailbox, it is generally about 3 weeks. Allow more time during the holidays. 

Why do you need to know if I am 25 or older?

To work in commercials for alcoholic beverages you must be at least 25 years old.

Will giving gifts to DSC benefit me by helping me to get more work?

Absolutely not!  No one employed by DSC will ever ask for or accept any gift in exchange for work.  In fact, any gift other than small tokens of appreciation will not be accepted at all.



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